What's the Ding?

The Ding is an amazing interactive program to help children of any age to improve their English skills by reading books.

How It Works

Your pupils read a book at home, at school or in the library. When they have finished they answer The Ding quiz about what they read. If they answer correctly, they win points.

The points are the motivation to read more and more. By reading more and reaching stories with a higher level of English the young readers increase their learning all the time. For the child this is a challenging competition that can be held inside the class, between classes or as a personal challenge.

For you the points are the way to see if your pupils have problems of comprehension, to follow their success in understanding and to motivate them to keep on reading.

With The Ding children learn English by entering the world of books.

The Books

In The Ding there are currently more than 900 reading comprehension quizzes, and each month we add new questionnaires for interesting books at any level.

The stories are for children and teenagers aged from 5 to 16 from a variety of publishers and authors from around the world.

You can see all the books that have a quiz on The Ding by using the incoming link Looking for a book.

The Quizzes

The quiz about the book can be answered at home, at school or in the library, alone, or with the help of reading buddies. This activity encourages the child to think and talk about what he or she has read.

The Ding motivates children to pay attention to what they read and increases their enjoyment of a book as their understanding and involvement develops.

The Levels

There are five Levels of English and each book is classified in one of these levels.

Level 1: Beginner

Level 2: Elementary

Level 3: Intermediate

Level 4: Upper Intermediate

Level 5: Native English speakers

The New Interactive Functionality

Teachers can introduce quizzes of texts or books they are working in the class, so that these quizzes can also be answered online and be part of the reading game The Ding.

The teacher can check at any moment if their students are reading and understanding.

The Article of the Week

The Ding helps children of any age to improve their English skills by reading a different English text every week for free and answering the quiz to see if they understand what they have read. From Level 1 (basic) to Level 5 (native English) tales, stories, texts about funny and interesting things, your students can read the article of the week and do the quiz to learn English in an easy and exciting way. Read the Article of this Week