The Homeless Bird

October 16th, 2018

Far, far away there was a pond. This pond belonged to a king. He was very happy that many golden swans swam in this pond. The swans paid for swimming in the pond.

Every six months, the swans would leave a golden feather. Servants of the king collected the feathers and brought them to the castle.

One day, a homeless bird saw the pond. He liked the pond very much and wanted to stay there. But the swans didn't like the bird. They wanted to stay alone. They said, “This pond belongs to us. We pay a golden feather to the King to use it. You can not live here."

The homeless bird was very sad and told the swans that he will try very hard to pay the rent. But the swans still said no. The bird did not know what to do. So he went to the King and told him what had happened.

The king was very angry that the swans were so unfriendly. He told the swans to see him and told them that only the king decides who can live by the pond. And he said that only he decides who has to pay rent. Of course he would allow a poor homeless bird to stay in his kingdom.

So the king sent the unfriendly swans away. The homeless bird was allowed to built his home near the pond and lived there happily forever and the bird allowed all other homeless birds to stay with him.