Dear Carmen

September 18th, 2017

Dear Carmen,
Last Monday I started the new school. And the truth is that I miss my old school and my friends, especially you.

I think people at my new school look down on me because I come from another country, I look different from them and speak another language. Mom says they have to get used to me and I have to get used to everything that now seems so new to me; people, the city, the teacher... And she says that the most important thing is to learn the language quickly, so I can communicate well and advance in school like the other pupils do. She says I'll feel much better if I do. Maybe, but it seems so hard...

Mom and Dad are very happy because they now have jobs and we can live in a bigger, nicer house. And it's true, even if I haven’t a room for myself and I have to share it with my sister Elena, we are all happier and better off. I cannot complain about anything but I think it will take a little time to accommodate myself to the new life that I now have to live.

I hope you will write to me soon to tell me how you are.
María  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx