Murder of a Rich Man

September 18th, 2018

One day, inside a police station in a small town, the police inspector was going through some of his case files. The clock on the wall rang eleven times showing 11'o clock.

As the police inspector saw the time and again started to continue his work, his telephone started ringing. The inspector picked up the phone and said, "hello". The person on the other side of that call informed about the murder of the rich man in that town.

The police inspector was shocked to hear that. He immediately asked his constables to follow and went to that rich man's house. When they reached the house, they saw the rich man's dead body on the floor. There was another man, who introduced himself as the rich man's manager. He said that when he came to see the rich man in the morning, he found him dead, and then he immediately called the police station.

The police inspector looked at the room to see if he could find any clue about the murder. He walked near the rich man's dead body and something flashed in his mind. He saw the time in the dead man's wristwatch. It wasn't working but was showing 11'o clock still. The police inspector realized that the clock had stopped working because it had hit the floor with some force as the rich man fell dead.

Now stop reading for a short time and think about the facts you already know. Do you know who could be the murderer?

Solution: The inspector knew the manager was the one who called him from the same house at 11'o clock in the morning. He immediately caught the manager and and shouted at him to tell the truth. The manager accepted that he was the one who had murdered the rich man. He was arrested and put in the jail. Everyone appreciated the police inspector for his intelligence.